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The Magnolia Hotel, in which we are located, is one of the most revered historic buildings in downtown Dallas, and the former headquarters of Mobil Oil’s predecessor, the Magnolia Petroleum Co. – hence the name Magnolia.  Built in 1921, the 29-story structure was the first high-rise in the United States to have air conditioning and was the city’s first skyscraper at more than 400 feet high.  The 29-story office tower was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River when it opened in 1922.  The building’s landmark was a statue of Pegasus the mythical “Flying Red Horse”.

Our coffee is sourced from small coffee farms from around the world to produce our special blend. It’s roasted in small batches by our own coffee roaster in Emeryville, CA. We believe in serving fresh, healthy products, and source locally when available. Our pastries are baked in-house fresh each day by our bakers. The art displayed is from area artists, and pays homage to the deep culture Dallas has to offer.

Thanks for being a part of our “Liquid Culture”